Cotton Bears…£80

These adorable miniature collectors Bears and Hares are completely hand sewn from cotton patchwork fabric. They are around 8cm to 10cm tall, fully jointed and weighted with steel shot to give them more substance. Each Bear is a “one of a kind” collectable, hand finished to suit its individual character.

Please note: these bears are collector’s items only they are NOT suitable for children.

SFH2...Ditsy pink and blue flowers on a cream/fawn background with a mushroom nose and blue brocade scarf.

LTS1...Burgandy, pink and blue leaves on a mid blue background with a burgandy nose and satin bow.

 LTS2...funky 60s stripes with a yellow nose and white velvet bow...yeah baby yeah!

LTS3...lilac, white, blue and green chintz flowers on a dark blue background with a lilac nose and dark blue satin bow.

LH1...A Hare in burgandy with a ditsy leaf and spot print with a mushroom nose and ears, cream lace bow and button tail.

LH2...A Hare in a white and dark brown ditsy print with yellow nose, ears and scarf not forgetting his button tail.

PB1...A Bear on all fours in a tiny blue spot print with a black nose and snowflake button joints.

PB2...A Bear on all fours in tiny pearlised blue flowers on a pale blue background with a blue nose and heart button joints sporting a wooly scarf.